6 Quick Reminders for Anyone on the Journey

The road to recovery from addiction is a journey filled with ups and downs; good days and bad. The important thing is that we keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles we face or detours we take along the way. After all, progress is still progress, even when it’s difficult to see at times. Life is full of challenges, but those challenges are what make achieving our goals so fulfilling. There are many reasons to keep moving forward, even when it’s tough. Below are just a few of these reasons to help maintain the motivation needed to continue on one’s own personal journey of mental health recovery and improvement.

6 Quick Reminders for Anyone on the Journey of Recovery from Adddiction

1. Don’t Give Up

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to never give up on self-improvement and maintaining your sobriety. Even when things become difficult, the key is to not simply give up as a result. Remember that challenges can be overcome. Any obstacle that presents itself is an opportunity for creative problem-solving, not an admission of failure or an end to the journey.

2. One Day at a Time; One Step at a Time.

Any successful journey occurs one day at a time and one step at a time. Rather than viewing progress as an overwhelming whole, it can be helpful to instead to view it as a collection of steps. After all, looking down a long, winding road can be daunting, but not when we approach it step-by-step. Recovery isn’t a race, nor is it a competition. The only goals are the ones we set for ourselves to help us reach milestones and celebrate our progress. There is no “winning” or “losing.” All progress is success manifested. When we don’t move forward, we haven’t “failed,” instead this just means that we’ve encountered an obstacle in our path. Furthermore, doing so doesn’t mean that we’ve lost, either. It just means that we must step carefully until the obstacle is passed.

3. Go at Your Own Pace

Everyone’s journey to recovery from addiction is different. Therefore we move forward at different paces. So long as we’re moving forward, there is no set pace that is right or wrong. There is only what is right for our own needs and well-being. As mentioned previously, recovery is not a race to be won. Multi-award winning psychotherapist Dr. Barton Goldsmith puts it best in saying:

“You may have been beaten down, but you are not broken. Even if you have suffered and lived through a life-altering trauma, if you still have a beating heart and air in your lungs, you can get back on your feet.”

4. A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Even a little progress is progress made. Every step in the right direction is a sign of success and a cause for personal celebration. Something as small as being able to wake up early every morning, or being able to accomplish a task a day, is a sign of progress. Set minor goals along the way, in between larger goals. These small milestones are just as essential and significant in terms of progress as any other. They show accomplishment, and a change for the better.

5. Stay Positive

No matter what challenges or what obstacles present themselves along the way, it is important to maintain a positive outlook. Positivity is an essential ingredient to staying motivated to keep moving forward. To move forward we must look forward. Thus, progress is built on positive aspirations. If we want to get better and believe it is possible then we can achieve self-improvement. No one is ever alone on the journey to recovery from addiction. Stay connected to the program and reach out to a support network if feeling down and out.

6. The Now is Not the Always

The challenges that present them now will not be permanent. Obstacles can be overcome and the ones faced tomorrow will be different from those encountered the day before. Dr. Goldstein says:

“Sadly, there are things we can do nothing about, but we have a lot more control over our own moods and actions than most people think. Whatever circumstance you are dealing with, your job is to nurture the strength within you.”

Rather than focusing on things outside of our control, by focusing on what we can control we can have greater power over our own progress and well-being. No matter what, there is hope, there is strength, and there is potential. Circumstances constantly change and shift – there are some that we can control and others we cannot. We are still in control of our own journey to recovery from addiction and are capable of happiness and success.

One Day At a Time

These quick reminders and affirmations can be helpful in maintaining a positive journey of self-improvement and recovery. Along the way, it can be easy to forget just how much potential there is for progress. Therapy and staying connected to the program are assets on this journey, but it’s only half the battle. The other half takes place on a personal level. As individuals we must take the lessons we learn in Recovery and apply them to our daily lives, as well as put forth commitment and positive effort into shaping our own progress and well-being.

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