Here at A Road to Recovery we know how important it is to have an active Alumni program for our graduates. Having a support system and a plan after you complete treatment is essential for a life of long-term sobriety. Addiction treatment is only the first step in a complete recovery. By having a large Alumni family, chances of success improve greatly because of the large support each and every one of our patients gets.

Kelly Vollmer, a former patient, who works day in and day out to provide the best support to our Alumni, coordinates our Alumni program.

We currently have our weekly Alumni meetings on Saturdays from 6-8pm. All graduates are welcome and encouraged to attend!

At our Alumni meetings we all openly share any issues that have come from everyday life now that past patients are living at home or on their own. We also discuss how to give back to the Port St. Lucie community and organize charity events to do this. Since our program has such a family based approach, we take our Alumni program and the Aftercare it provides for our graduating patients very seriously. We strive to guide them after treatment to ensure we give them the help they need to stay sober and thrive.

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