Our Outpatient Treatment Program

A Road To Recovery is a “reality based” program in which clients experience and participate in a nurturing setting more like that of life on a college campus as opposed to an institutional locked ward environment. At A Road To Recovery, we believe that addiction and alcoholism are diseases that know no boundaries and can affect any individual regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, profession or demographic location. We are all the same in the fight for recovery. We also strongly believe in treating the underlying emotional causes of addiction that are unique to each and every individual who suffers from this disease.

We provide a nurturing and compassionate environment with a dedicated staff of addictions professionals who work individually with each client in a supportive environment through each step of their journey on the road to recovery and living a happy, fulfilling, clean and sober, productive life.

Daily Activities

Our program creates a supervised environment that mirrors the real world so clients can take responsibility for their own needs. Clients are given a weekly food credit and staff transportation to nearby supermarkets and shopping center to purchase groceries and personal items. Time is built into the program schedule for:

  • Family Visits
  • Outings
  • Movies
  • Sporting Events
  • Beaches
  • Florida Parks
  • Nature Centers


During their stay at A Road To Recovery, clients have the option of housing in our supervised, 2 bedroom apartments. Residences are comfortably furnished with provided amenities. Patients have patio homes with inground swimming pools and on-site fitness center patio home residences which are comfortably furnished and provide all amenities of daily living including a fitness center and Florida style in ground swimming pool.”

Clients do their own:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Groups
  • Personal Time
  • Meetings
  • Individual Counseling
  • Educational Classes