Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

In-Residence Treatment Program

A Road To Recovery provides a comprehensive in-residence Day/Night Alcohol, drug and substance abuse treatment program options. While the core program runs an average stay of 28 days, length of stay may vary depending on the individual needs of the client.

A Road To Recovery is a “reality based” program where clients experience and participate in a nurturing setting more like that of life on a college campus as opposed to an institutional, locked ward environment.

We believe that addiction and alcoholism are diseases that know no boundaries and can affect any individual regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, profession or demographic location. We are all the same in the fight for recovery. We also strongly believe in treating the underlying emotional causes of addiction that are unique to each and every individual who suffers from this disease.

We provide a nurturing and compassionate environment with a dedicated staff of addictions professionals. Our entire staff works individually with each client in a supportive environment through each step of their journey. They guide them on the road to recovery towards living a happy, fulfilling, clean and sober productive life.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our Individual Counseling and Daytime or Evening Outpatient Programs are designed to meet the needs of clients who either, do not require inpatient in-residence treatment, or those who have recently been discharged from in-residence treatment and are in need of further treatment and support to prevent relapse.

This is a structured program where individuals may remain at their place of employment and who have a stable environment in which to reside while receiving treatment. Additionally, this program is appropriate for individual’s where the chronic nature of their alcohol and/or drug addiction has not progressed to the extent where it requires more intensive levels of care. The emphasis is placed on education for continued recovery and refining longer term recovery plans.

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