Find Out If You Have An Addictive Personality

Find Out If You Have An Addictive Personality

Anyone can suffer from addiction. But, addiction is more commonly experienced by people with specific personality traits. While some people can engage in alcohol or drug use recreationally and never develop a bad habit. Others quickly find that drinking and drugging causes major problems in different areas of life. But why is this? What are the precursors that indicate who will be addicted to drugs and alcohol? Many scientists and recovery specialists have studied this topic, including Dr. Stephan Mason, who believes roughly 10 to 15 percent of people have an addictive personality.

Five Signs of an Addictive Personality


Sensation Seeking

These type of people are incredibly spontaneous and seek thrill and adventure. They are always on board for new experiences and trying new things. Most of the time this type of behavior is an attempt to experience some adrenaline surge or high. This is why some extreme sports athletes may be more inclined to use and develop addictions after they no longer participate in the sport.



For those who place a high level of importance on individuality and their ideas, addiction can quickly become an issue. When society puts a high value on things like getting married and having children, nonconformists make it their mission to do the exact opposite. So if you have no type of interest in achieving the goals that are valued by society, you may be more likely to suffer from addiction. Society as a whole is very hard on drugs, the opposite side of this stance would be to claim substances aren’t that harmful. This perpetuates a dangerous addictive cycle.


Impulsive Behavior

If you act very quickly without thinking things through, you likely suffer from impulsive behavior. If you act without giving any thought to the consequences then you would fit in this category. While none of us are perfect, and some of us let temptation get the better of us from time to time, those who consistently act quickly and irrationally have huge issues controlling their impulses. This type of behavior is typical of addicts.


Compulsive Behavior

Some people confuse this and the previous entry. Compulsive behavior is when you do understand the gravity of your actions. When you are acutely aware of the consequences but do the behavior regardless because you feel like you have to. If you feel like you are drawn to something almost against your will even when faced with the consequences or you engage in the action almost erratically- that’s compulsion.


Social Alienation

When you are more averse to society’s way of thinking, you may develop something called social alienation. This can put you in a prime position to start experimenting with drugs and substances not typically accepted by society. This phenomenon can lead to behaviors that society also deems as negative, inappropriate and potentially harmful. This can cause a lack of social bonds and connections that provide a grounding effect in your life. Connections and relationships help to establish an individuals contact to the outside world. Without that, we are susceptible to our minds.


You are Not A Lost Cause

Don’t be alarmed if you happen to exhibit one or more of these behaviors. It is important to note that these personality traits don’t make you prone to addiction on their own. There are usually other factors at play. It is crucial to realize what may influence you in the event you get in a situation where substances come into play. Anyone can suffer from addiction. While there are many different elements at play before a full blown addiction becomes the issue. Those who don’t have strong social connections are at risk of developing attachments to other things, like drugs and alcohol.


How To Deal With Having an Addictive Personality

If you do find that you recognize these characteristics and want to keep them in check, there are ways to help. Admitting you are prone to addictive behavior is the first step in preventing it from actually controlling you. Always be conscious of your actions and mindful of how to cope with standard stresses that you will encounter in life. Understand that you may start to exhibit signs of addictive behavior. It’s important you know how to nip those in the bud properly.

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