Jennifer Gimenez: Giving Back to the Recovery Community

Earlier this week we had a well known celebrity show up to our substance abuse treatment center to speak with some of the people currently in treatment. Jennifer Gimenez (learn more here) did this out of the kindness of her heart. Jennifer is a pillar in the recovery community who goes out of her way to spread a message of hope and inspiration to individuals and families feeling the impact of drug and alcohol addiction. Jennifer Gimenez truly uses her celebrity for the best as a platform to educate about addiction and the recovery process.

Thank You for Giving Back, Jennifer Gimenez

From everyone here at A Road To Recovery Substance Abuse Treatment Center, we want to acknowledge and thank Jennifer Gimenez for all that she does to give back to the recovery community. Having Jennifer as a guest at our program to speak with our clients is truly a blessing for everyone involved. Thank you again, Jennifer for everything you do to raise awareness about substance abuse, addiction and recovery! You provide hope and inspiration to so many!

We All Have a Choice

When talking about how she began her own journey to a better life, Jennifer Gimenez said “I repeated the cycle until I stopped repeating the cycle, one of the greatest gifts we have at this moment is to NOT repeat the cycle.” These are very powerful words for anyone struggling with substance abuse and addiction. We should all remind ourselves throughout each day that we are empowered by the choices that we make, and that we do, in fact, HAVE A CHOICE.

Jennifer Gimenez took a moment to sit with our Clinical Director to answer a few questions about what recovery means to her and why she does what she does. Check it out:

Q: How do you feel about treatment and the role it plays in recovery?

I think treatment is extremely important, it important to have medical help to go through detox and it taught me safety, structure and how to define my feelings other than drinking and using because there’s so much more to Recovery than that. 

Q: What are your thoughts on medicated assisted treatment?

I don’t believe in it because at one point the addict will have to get off it and go through withdrawal it’s more like a bandaid than a solution. 

Q: Being a well known celebrity, what is it you do to help break the stigma and silence that comes with alcoholism and addiction?

I’m apart of the movement to bring awareness to society. By breaking my anonymity on a worldly level I feel that more awareness is brought to people and families affected by this disease and that there is help out there. People don’t have to suffer. 

Q: What is it that you’re most grateful for that the life of recovery has given to you?

A life, I can’t sum it up in one sentence. My family, careers, relationships and knowing that I’ll be ok no matter what even when I don’t feel ok. 

If your or a loved one is struggling, please reach out to us @ 800-411-9200. There is hope, and it begins with asking for help. #TheRoadStartsHere