Signs and Symptoms

Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can affect anyone no matter what social class, race, gender, or type of personality they have. Many times, it will be clear that someone is struggling with substance abuse, but we have also found that it is not always easy. Since the rise of prescription drug abuse, college students, housewives, and anyone with chronic pain have become very prone to develop an addiction to prescribed drugs. The image of a “drug addict” as a homeless person or someone out of control is starting to be less and less accurate. Although there are many addicts that are like this, lots of average people from all walks of life are starting to develop a problem with drug addiction, regardless of their appearance.

It is still relatively unknown as to why some people become addicts and some don’t. We do have a lot of very good theories in both the scientific and clinical field, but we do not have all the information we need to understand where addition comes from. This makes addiction to drugs and alcohol extremely difficult to understand and diagnosis.

Here are some of the following signs you should look for when trying to determine if someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and needs help:

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Behavioral Addiction Signs

  • Unexplained need for money.
  • Performance at work or school has dropped.
  • Friends, hobbies, and favorite places change.
  • Frequently getting in trouble with authority figures.

Physical Addiction Signs

  • Loss of grooming habits.
  • Bloodshot eyes, large or small pupils.
  • Irregular sleep pattern.
  • Change in appetite, severe weight gain or weight loss.

Psychological Addiction Signs

  • Sudden mood swings.
  • Withdrawn personality.
  • Decrease in motivation.
  • Anxious, fearful, or paranoid without any reason.
  • Abnormal or unusual behavior.

What to Do if My Loved One is Addiction to Drugs?

More times than not, after reviewing these signs, it might become quite clear that there is something wrong. If close to the person affected by substance abuse, you are most likely exposed to random moods or behaviors and will start to realize your loved one is acting different. If you find that a lot of these signs hold true, contact us at 1-800-411-9200 to learn how to handle this delicate situation.

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